The Little Colonel

The Little Colonel

Synopsis of Movie

In this corner: a deep-seated family rift, torn open by an aging military veteran’s refusal to accept his former enemy into the family. And in this corner: the apple-cheeked pluck of young Shirley Temple. Talk about your one-sided matchups…

In 1935’s The Little Colonel, the adorable child star plays Lloyd Sherman, granddaughter to Lionel Barrymore’s proud Southerner, Colonel Lloyd. The film opens in 1870, where Colonel Lloyd’s daughter Elizabeth elopes with a Yankee, Jack Sherman. Infuriated, the Colonel disowns his daughter.

Years later, the Shermans fall on hard times and are forced to move back onto Colonel Lloyd’s land. By this time, the Shermans have borne a daughter, Lloyd, whose precocious temperament has earned her the nickname “The Little Colonel.” The old Colonel’s crusty exterior starts to soften thanks to the little girl’s charm, and when trouble arises, both Big and Little Colonels work together to save the day.

Though the film was shot primarily in black and white, the final minutes showcased the emerging magic of Technicolor. Considered by many to be the best of the early Shirley Temple films, The Little Colonel also featured the memorable “stair dance” sequence with Temple and Bill “Mr. Bojangles” Robinson.

Movie Release History

1935 - The Little Colonel

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox


Lloyd Sherman Shirley Temple
Colonel Lloyd Lionel Barrymore
Elizabeth Evelyn Venable
Jack Sherman John Lodge
Swazey Sidney Blackmer
Hull Alden 'Stephen' Chase
Dr. Scott William Burress
Nebler Frank Darien
Colonel Gray Robert Warwick
Mom Beck Hattie McDaniel
Maria Geneva Williams
May Lily Avonnie Jackson
Henry Clay Nyanza Potts
Walker Bill Robinson

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