Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Synopsis of Movie

“Cats rule and dogs drool.”

The secret thoughts of pets came to light in 1993’s Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, thanks to the vocal talents of Don Ameche, Sally Field and Michael J. Fox. Disney updated its own 1963 film, The Incredible Journey (based on Sheila Burnford’s 1960 novel), with a Look Who’s Talking twist. Where the original film used a narrator to chronicle the story, the remake cut out the middle man, plugging directly into the minds of golden retriever Shadow, bulldog pup Chance and Himalayan cat Sassy.

The story begins in the Pacific Northwest, with the news that the animals’ human friends—Bob and Laura Seaver and kids Peter, Hope and Jamie—must temporarily relocate to a small San Francisco apartment. Thinking the pets will be more comfortable in the open air, the Seavers leave them in the care of a family friend.

Loyal Shadow, who doesn’t speak human, thinks Peter is in trouble and races off to help. Spoiled Sassy, concerned for Hope, follows. Troublemaking Chance, not really too tight with human pal Jamie, decides to come along for the ride anyway. The pets make their incredible journey through the Sierra Nevadas, encountering bears, a waterfall, a porcupine, animal control and a menacing cougar along the way to a tearjerking finale.

Sweetly simple in story and shot on beautiful locations, Homeward Bound was a throwback to children’s films of an earlier era, albeit with a healthy dose of wisecracking 90’s humor. Unabashedly sentimental in showing the everlasting loyalty of pets, the movie charmed many a pet-loving tyke and brought back that old Lassie feeling in their parents. The picture was a hit for the studio, leading to an equally successful 1996 sequel.

Movie Release History

1993 - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
1996 - Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

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Chance (voice) Michael J. Fox
Sassy (voice) Sally Field
Shadow (voice) Don Ameche
Molly's Father Don Alder
Desk Sergeant Ed Bernard
Jamie Kevin Chevalia
Research Assistant Anne Christianson
Vet Ted D'Arms
Forest Ranger "Mark" Woody Eney
Laura Kim Greist
Forest Ranger Rich Hawkins
Bob Robert Hays
The Caterer Nurmi Husa
Molly's Mother Jane Jones
Hope Veronica Lauren

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