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Curly-topped moppet Shirley Temple starred in this 1937 version of Heidi, Johann Spyri’s oft-filmed novel. 20th Century Fox reworked the original text to showcase the song and dance talents that made the little star America’s Sweetheart.

In a tiny Alpine village, orphaned Heidi is sent to live with her crusty grandfather, Adolph Kramer. The girl’s apple-cheeked innocence soon warms the old man’s frozen heart, and the two become fast friends. The pair’s newfound happiness is interrupted when Heidi’s greedy Aunt Dete kidnaps the girl and sells her to Herr Sesemann as a domestic servant, but not even Cinderella-like servitude can keep the perky tyke down.

Heidi befriends Sesemann’s invalid daughter, Klara, helping the bedridden girl take her first steps in years. Heidi’s infectious goodness brightens the whole household, and Sesemann agrees to take the captured cutie back to her grandfather. But Klara’s cruel governess, Fraulein Rottenmeier, has other designs, a wicked plan that could keep Heidi and her grandfather apart forever.

Cute, sweet and tear-jerking, Heidi was a perfect vehicle for Shirley Temple. Doing what she did best, little Miss Temple sang, danced and melted hearts across the country. After six decades and several other versions, this Heidi remains a sentimental favorite.

Movie Release History

1937 - Heidi

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox


Heidi Shirley Temple
Adolph Kramer Jean Hersholt
Andrews Arthur Treacher
Blind Anna Helen Westley
Elsa Pauline Moore
Village Priest Thomas Beck
Fraulein Rottenmeier Mary Nash
Herr Sesemann Sidney Blackmer
Aunt Dete Mady Christians
Police Captain Sig Ruman
Klara Sesemann Marcia Mae Jones
Peter Delmar Watson
Innkeeper Egon Brecher
Baker Christian Rub
Organ Grinder George Humbert

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