Home Alone 3

Home Alone 3

Synopsis of Movie

With Macaulay Culkin well into his teen years, producer John Hughes needed a new Home Alone leading lad. He found one in adorable Alex D. Linz, who had charmed audiences as Michelle Pfeiffer’s son in 1996’s One Fine Day. Rather than try to pretend little Alex was the new Kevin McCallister or some forgotten McCallister cousin, Hughes created an entirely different setting, while staying true to the “domestic invaders get pratfall comeuppance” formula that made turned the first two films into worldwide blockbusters.

The new story begins with four high-tech thieves—Beaupre, Alice, Jernigan and Unger—who hide a purloined military computer chip inside a remote control toy car. After a baggage mix-up, the toy ends up with crusty old Mrs. Hess, who gives the unwanted car to her eight-year-old neighbor, Alex. The spies, who don’t know exactly who has the priceless toy, decide to rob every house on the block until they find it.

Alex, down with the chicken pox, spots the burglars with his telescope. Naturally, the kid is home alone. His absent-minded dad is away on a business trip, bro and sis have after school sports and mom has an office emergency she can’t ignore. Alex tries calling the police, but the cops think the whole thing is a prank. With no other recourse, the inventive tyke creates an elaborate arsenal of booby traps, ready to defend his home and keep the world safe for democracy.

Raja Gosnell, editor on the first two Home Alone movies, took over Chris Columbus’ directing chair, with Hughes again writing and producing. While it didn’t match the tremendous success of its two predecessors, Home Alone 3 was still a pleasant holiday treat for the series’ young fans, a slapstick romp with a cute kiddie star.

Movie Release History

1990 - Home Alone
1992 - Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
1997 - Home Alone 3

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox


Alex Alex D. Linz
Petr Beaupre Olek Krupa
Alice Rya Kihlstedt
Burton Jernigan Lenny von Dohlen
Earl Unger David Thornton
Karen Haviland Morris
Jack Kevin Kilner
Mrs. Hess Marian Seldes
Stan Seth Smith
Molly Scarlett Johansson
Agent Stuckey Christopher Curry
Police Captain Baxter Harris
Chinese Mob Boss James Saito
Techie Kevin Gudahl
Cab Driver Richard Hamilton

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