Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Synopsis of Movie

“The Love Bug turns the great race into a HERBIE-DERBY!”

After the success of the first two Herbie films, the Love Bug stormed into the executive offices at Disney and delivered an ultimatum, which basically consisted of a series of loud honks, followed by flashing his lights on and off and waving his windshield wipers emphatically. Luckily, the suits at Disney correctly interpreted the communication and delivered what the Volkswagon wanted: a love interest.

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo finds the title car reunited with his Love Bug driver Jim Douglas for the Paris to Monte Carlo road rally. While making the qualifying runs, Herbie falls hard for a blue Lancia named Giselle. Taking a page from 101 Dalmatians, the cars help hook Jim up with Giselle’s beautiful driver, Diane Darcy, but all is not champagne and roses. Jewel thieves have hidden stolen diamonds in Herbie’s gas tank and they want them back. With thieves in hot pursuit, the road to Monte Carlo is filled with romance, danger, and as always, nutty comedy.

Dean Jones reprised his role as Jim, and Don Knotts came on board as comic sidekick Wheely Applegate. While the third Love Bug installment didn’t match the huge success of the first two films, it did well enough to carry on the franchise for a fourth outing three years later.

Movie Release History

1969 - The Love Bug
1974 - Herbie Rides Again
1977 - Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
1980 - Herbie Goes Bananas

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Jim Douglas Dean Jones
Wheely Applegate Don Knotts
Diane Darcy Julie Sommars
Inspector Bouchet Jacques Marin
Quincey Roy Kinnear
Max Bernard Fox
Bruno Von Stickle Eric Braeden
Detective Fontenoy Xavier Saint-Macary
Emile Alan Caillou
Duval Laurie Main
Claude Mike Kylcsar
Race Driver Johnny Haymer
Taxi Driver Stanley Brock
Waiter Gerard Jugnot
Showroom M.C.* Tom McCorrey

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