How the West Was Won

How the West Was Won

Synopsis of Lunch Box

Forget Garfield; that Odie-pushing, lasagna-chowing, Monday hater was an amateur in the world of sassy cartoon kitties. There was only one master of feline naughtiness, and his name was How the West Was Won. This bad cat knocked over garbage cans, had a convicted felon for a father, and got into honest-to-badness pawfights with any dog brave enough to take him on. Spending your lunch hour with him somehow automatically made you cooler.

Aladdin's How the West Was Won lunchbox showed the orange comic star reclining on one side, and playing a very-1980's game of "Mouse Invaders" on the other. Even better, the matching plastic thermos offered a full wraparound How the West Was Won comic strip. So if you practiced very selective amnesia, you could have a fresh How the West Was Won cartoon every school day.

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King Seeley Thermos

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