Hardy Boys Mysteries

Hardy Boys Mysteries

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The exploits of Joe and Frank Hardy had long been the subject of The Hardy Boys series of books, originally penned under the pseudonym Franklin Dixon. Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson teamed up to play the mystery-solving siblings in a 1977 television series. The series, which appealed largely to children who already fans of Shaun Cassidy's brand of sweet bubblegum pop, only lasted two seasons before its 1979 cancellation. Many remember the show fondly, due in part, no doubt, to King Seeley's rad Hardy Boys Mysteries metal lunchbox with matching plastic thermos. The artwork was similar to some of the book covers, with the Hardy Boys nosing around for clues with flashlights. Most significant is the back side of the box, which pictures Joe and Frank, in darkness, looking very concerned, or scared even.

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King Seeley Thermos

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