Holly Hobbie

Holly Hobbie

Synopsis of Lunch Box

In 1967 the American Greetings company released a series of greeting cards featuring a little girl sporting a blue-checkered dress and head-engulfing oversized bonnet. Holly Hobbie, designed to remind people of a simpler time in American history, quickly joined the latter half of the 20th century and, through her immense popularity, was licensed to appear on anything a young girl might own. Cake pans, clothes, easy bake ovens, sewing machines, jewelry boxes, lamps, blankets—nothing was safe from Holly Hobbie's long reach. Not even lunchboxes.

Aladdin released a series of four Holly Hobbie metal lunchboxes with matching plastic thermoses from 1972 to 1985. You could wake up in your Holly Hobbie blanket, brush with your Holly Hobbie toothbrush, dress in your Holly Hobbie dress, put on some Holly Hobbie jewelry, bake a muffin in your Holly Hobbie oven and put it in your Holly Hobbie lunchbox for your Holly Hobbie day!

Lunch Box Release History

1972 - Holly Hobbie (Red Trim)
1975 - Holly Hobbie (Dark Blue Trim)
1979 - Holly Hobbie (Blue Plaid Trim)
1985 - Holly Hobbie (Light Blue Trim)

Type of Lunchbox


Box Manufacturer

Aladdin Industries

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