Happy Days (The Fonz)

Happy Days (The Fonz)

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With all the peer pressure, name-calling, and pants-peeing of elementary school, sometimes you just need an extra helping of "cool" to get you through the day. And who better to dole out that vibe than your friend and ours, Happy Days' Arthur Fonzarelli? After all, "The Fonz" had enough spare cool to supply the entire Western Hemisphere for a decade or more.

With American Thermos' happening Happy Days lunchbox and matching plastic thermos, you and Fonzie could handle just about anything. Pantsed in gym class? No problem. Flunked a spelling test? Who cares? With Fonzie at your lunch table, you could take it all in stride with a pair of upturned thumbs and a smooth "Ayyyyyyyyy."

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American Thermos

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