Rubber bracelets

Rubber bracelets

Fashion Synopsis

Madonna brought street fashion to the masses once again with armfuls of rubber bracelets. A unisex accessory, both boys and girls alike towered their arms with stacks of these colorful rubber bracelets.

Boys preferred the simple black rubber bracelets, as best popularized by little Ricky Schroeder of the 80’s TV hit Silver Spoons. Ricky wore two bracelets intertwined so that they formed a double half circle around the wrist. Simple and strong, it was a radical look to wear with your digital watch and terrycloth wristband.

More adventurous girls and boys stacked the bracelets up their arms as far as they would fit, nearly to the elbow. Neon colored bracelets, worn like a slinky-style rainbow, weighted down the arms but made a bold fashion statement.

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