Roy Rogers Western Wear

Roy Rogers Western Wear

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“Designed exclusively for the ‘King of Cowboys’ to be worn by all his young cowpokes”

The King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, brought their own western wear to the kiddies sitting at home, loyally tuning into The Roy Rogers Show every Saturday morning in the early 50’s. The popular duo lent out their names to children’s clothes sold at Sears: Roy Rogers for boys, and Dale Evans for girls. Sorry, Trigger and Buttercup didn’t loan their likeness to a saddle, stirrup, or horse blanket, if you happened to be looking to dud up the filly.

Sears carried everything from Western-inspired casual clothes to make-believe cowboy and Indians play clothes. For less than $7, you could saddle up in your Roy Rogers outfit, complete with cotton twill chap-front pants, flannel skirt, scarf and lariat (bolo tie), leather belt and holsters with two metal clicker pistols. Girls could trade in those chap pants for a cotton twill cowgirl skirt with fringe. And don’t forget the rodeo hat and cowboy boots—sold separately, but an absolute must for an authentic look.

Roy’s cowboy boots featured his trademark emblem: his trusty steed Trigger, reared up on his two back legs, with Roy riding high, creating his name from his lasso. The rope logo became synonymous with Roy Rogers wear, and Roy and his trusty steed guaranteed a real Wild West time for the kids at home.

Live out your cowboy fantasies in embroidered denim pants and yoke-front shirts with fringe, all with Roy’s ‘Double R Bar Brand’ stamp of approval. Though they might not have been authentic cowboy wear, Roy supplied sweaters, ties, moccasins and even rain boots in addition to the Western wardrobe. And each purchase came with a picture of Roy …

“Yipee! Your pal Roy corralled ‘em just for you.”

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