Ringer tees

Ringer tees

Fashion Synopsis

The 1970’s brought the t-shirt into its rightful place as all-around casual, unisex fashion, as the common tee was spiced up with contrasting color trim around the neckline and sleeves and dubbed the ringer tee. Muscle tees, tank tops, jersey tees, and ringer tees… the simple knit shirt never had so many options.

The ringer tee still had plenty of space for iron-ons and glittering decals, but those colored sleeves made you hipper than any one-color wonder. If ever there was a ringer in the fashion world, this shirt was it. The style went out of fashion as the 80’s turned to pastels, but the 70’s revival of the 1990’s brought the ringer back to its rightful place as a prince of tees.

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