Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop

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Ron Jon Surf Shop headed up the East Coast surfing scene, taking a sport from the western waters of Hawaii and California and making it bicoastal. Ron DiMenna, a surfer from Long Beach Island, New Jersey, founded his first surf shop in 1961, and the Ron Jon tradition was born.

An avid surfer who planned to buy a special order surfboard from California, DiMenna found his calling in life when his father suggested he buy three boards, sell two at a profit, and get his own board for free. Ron Jon enterprises was born.

A surf and water sports shop, Ron offered amenities and products to surfers. The new convenience of a surf shop, as well as the growing popularity of the water sport, allowed Ron to expand. He traveled further south and opened up his second store, One-of-a-Kind Ron Jon Surf Shop, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This Ron Jon surf emporium became a mecca for surfers and fans alike.

While most surfwear lines are from West Coast companies (Op, Gotcha, and so on), the East Coast beaches offered some competition, and Ron Jon was their champion. The Ron Jon legend is admired around the world, and the Easterner has even made it to the West side with a store in Orange County, California.

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