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Do you have the Jordache look? The designer jean debate was just beginning when Jordache saddled up the horse and entered the race in 1978. Sergio Valente had been dancing on the disco scene for a couple of years, but Jordache was the first tight, European style to translate to the younger markets.

Jordache jeans were the result of an unfortunate accident: three Israeli brothers found their New York clothing store burned and looted after a citywide blackout. But opportunity arose from the ashes of disaster, and the insurance money enabled them to launch the Jordache brand in ’78. Jordache hit the markets running, and the designer denim fast became a competitor with other jean giants. The 'Jordache look' appealed to all the teens eager to be a part of the skintight style set, boys as well as girls (assuming those boys were popular enough to overcome the initial “Hey! He’s got a pony on his pants!” stigma).

Jordache was more than jeans, it was a look that symbolized freedom and equality. With a winsome ad campaign and the allure of the free, wild riding horse, the spirit of Jordache exploded on the apparel market. Overnight, the wild-maned Jordache horse was everywhere: jeans, shirts, purses, watches, jackets… Jordache is still making jeans and other apparel for the young market, now sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. The pants with the pony, Jordache held its own in a tight race.

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