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Dude! Like, throw on your JAMS and let’s go catch a gnarly wave. Originally marketed for the surf set from Surfline Hawaii, these crazy print board shorts became all the rage in the explosion of color known as the 80's.

The popularity of Californias Venice beach scene and of the television drama of Florida’s Miami Vice spawned a national obsession with the carefree surf life. Oversized board shorts splashed with crazy colors and patterns, JAMS were cool on and off the beach. More than shorts, less than pants, the name JAMS (a registered trademark) caught a wave and became the tag for any wacky print shorts of length. Boys and girls alike competed to find the most outrageous patterns, as makers like Op, Gotcha and Jimmy’Z went absolutely nutty with color. Labels still mattered, of course, but with a pair of JAMS, anyone could ride out in fashion.

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JAMS, Surfline Hawaii

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