Jean Nate body splash

Jean Nate body splash

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The slight lemony scent was intoxicating when splashed on after the bath, onto still damp skin, fresh and clean. Jean Naté bath products were made to invigorate, to infuse your senses with a quest for romance, adventure and life.

Created in 1935 by Charles of the Ritz, Jean Naté was the only way to freshen up after the shower. Packaged in bright lemon yellow containers, the after bath splash-on fragrance joined a line that included sweetly scented talcum powders, soaps and deodorants. Jean Naté wasn’t going to let you smell anything but fresh.

Jean Naté had its heyday in the 70's and 80's when soaking the skin in cologne was the only way to go. With Jean Naté’s entire line of products, you could layer each subtle scent upon scent for a lingering note. Girls, gals, women, moms and grandmoms still swear by the seductive smell of Jean Nat

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