Where's Huddles?

Where's Huddles?

Synopsis of TV Show

Hanna-Barbera produced this summer replacement series in hopes of bringing back to the regular schedule in the fall. Centered around the fictional football team the Rhinos, Where’s Huddles? told the story of star quarterback Ed Huddles and his pal Bubba McCoy. Much like Fred and Barney before them, these two friends couldn't resist getting involved in some kind of scheme, most often in order to make some extra money. Presumably, the Rhinos were a semi-pro team, since the athletes were so strapped for cash.

Rhino coach Mad Dog Maloney was always available to yell at Ed on the field, and Ed's wife Marge took over that duty at home, with assistance from annoying neighbor Claude Pertwee. The announcer on the show was voiced by real-life sports anchor, Dick Enberg.

Where’s Huddles? reunited many of the cast members of The Flintstones, including Alan Reed, Mel Blanc and Jean Vander Pyl. This reunion was obviously an attempt to recreate the prime time success of that prehistoric Hanna-Barbera predecessor, but the series failed to catch on and was never seen again after its summer run. Where's Huddles? may not have been a Superbowl-sized success, but it did hold the distinction of being the last prime time cartoon for nearly two decades until The Simpsons came along.

Release History of Prime Time Show

7/1/70 - 9/9/70 CBS

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TV Cast

Ed Huddles Cliff Norton
Bubba McCoy Mel Blanc
Penny McCoy Marie Wilson
Claude Pertwee Paul Lynde
Mad Dog Maloney Alan Reed
Marge Huddles Jean Vander Pyl
Freight Train Herb Jeffries
Announcer Dick Enberg

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