What's Happening!!

What's Happening!!

Synopsis of TV Show

"Mama...I can’t breathe!"

What’s Happening!!, which evolved from the 1975 movie Cooley High, found a black and bespectacled Los Angeles high schooler trying to grow up amid the two shenanigan-instigating best friends, a tattle-tale little sister, a wise-cracking diner waitress, and a mother with a death grip of a hug—formidable circumstances indeed. The show premiered for a four-week trial run in the summer of 1976, and then returned to the network that fall for a full-fledged season.

Roger “Raj” Thomas lived at home with divorced Mama and younger sister Dee. When Raj was bad, Mama asked for his belt—and the implied beating from the not-so-petite Mama always straightened him right up. And when he was good, which thankfully was most of the time, Mama doled out platitudes from the arm of the family room couch and hugged him until he couldn’t breathe.

Raj’s two best friends were Dwayne (“Hey, hey, hey!”) and that suspenders-donning, ever-boogieing Rerun. At the Thomas abode, it was kid sister Dee who gave the trio a hard time, and when they were at their favorite haunt, Rob’s diner, it was waitress Shirley who served up food, drink and verbal abuse—Rerun typically getting the greatest share.

Maybe the constant heckling that came Rerun’s way fuelled his show-off sensibilities—because this guy was all over the place. He instigated a strike at his and Raj’s apartment (with “No Roger, no Rerun, no Rent” as his infamous war cry); he tried to bootleg a Doobie Brothers concert, only to be caught, chastised and forgiven; he even made an appearance on The Gong Show. Raj’s life may have been the center of the show, but Rerun was the go-to man for the lion’s share of the comedy.

Though What’s Happening!! didn’t get too serious too often, there was a realism to the family dynamic that kept viewers connected to the characters. Raj and Dee’s parents had been divorced for some time, and though Mama got by just fine on her own, the show still took a look at the pain an absentee parent stirs into his or her offspring. The kids’ father, Bill, would whisk into the household every once in a while, and Dee’s resentment toward him (along with Raj and Mama’s conflicted cordiality) was always clear.

In the show’s third season, the trio graduated from high school. Raj got an apartment with Rerun, and Raj and Dwayne began college. Next door to the Raj/Rerun pad lived policeman Earl and his son Little Earl, who took an enormous liking to the eye-rolling Dee. That third season was the last one for What’s Happening!!, but not the end of Raj and his buds.

Six years after the show went off the air in 1979, most of original cast (and those two explanation points at the end of the show's name) were assembled for 1985 syndicated revival called What’s Happening Now!!. Raj was now a married writer, Rerun a used car salesman, and Dwayne a computer programmer, who gave up the rat race eventually to open his own magic supplies shop. A young Martin Lawrence, incidentally, played Maurice, a part-time busboy at Rob’s, where of course, the gang still congregated. Some places just never stop being happening.

Release History of Prime Time Show

8/5/76 - 4/28/79 ABC
1985 - 1988 syndicated ( What's Happening Now!! )

TV Sub Categories


Television Network

ABC, syndicated

Television Studio

Columbia Pictures Television

TV Cast

Roger "Raj" Thomas Ernest Thomas
Freddie "Rerun" Stubbs (1976-79, 1985-86) Fred Berry
Dwayne Nelson Haywood Nelson
Mrs. "Mama" Thomas (1976-79) Mabel King
Dee Thomas Danielle Spencer
Shirley Wilson Shirley Hemphill
Bill Thomas (1976-77) Thalmus Rasulala
Marvin (1976-77) Bryan O'Dell
Big Earl Babcock (1978-79) John Welsh
Little Earl (1978-79) David Hollander
The Snake (1978-79) Leland Smith
Nadine Hudson Thomas (1985-88) Anne-Marie Johnson
Carolyn (1985-86) Reina King
Maurice Warfield (1987-88) Martin Lawrence
Darryl (1987-88) Ken Sagoes

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