Ernest Rides Again

Ernest Rides Again

Synopsis of Movie

In five short years, he went to camp, saved Christmas, went to jail and was scared stupid. Disney apparently thought there was nothing left for Ernest P. Worrell to do, so they dropped the film series. Well, Ernest creator/director John Cherry and rubber-faced actor Jim Varney disagreed, and in 1993, Ernest rode again (with independent financing).

In Ernest Rides Again, that multi-talented lunkhead has yet another new job, working as a janitor at J. Quentin University in the deep south. Ernest’s professor pal Abner Mellon has a theory that England’s Crown Jewels are really buried in a Revolutionary War cannon called Goliath. Those trinkets locked up in the Tower of London are fakes. Abner’s theory makes him a laughingstock at the school, but Ernest has faith in his buddy.

Ernest and Abner stumble onto the cannon, but greedy collector Dr. Glencliff is there with a pair of goons to steal it. Never one to go down without a fight, Ernest steals Goliath back, setting up a madcap chase back to the university, with Ernest and Abner pursued by Glencliff, his thugs, Abner’s wife and Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Crikey!

Without the mighty marketing muscle of Disney behind it, Ernest Rides Again made little splash in theaters, but Cherry and company found a much more profitable outlet: home video. Ernest Rides Again was the last time most fans would see an Ernest movie in theaters, but the denim-wearing doofus was far from being done. Varney continued to appear in direct-to-video movies and in local TV commercials until his premature death in early 2000.

Movie Release History

1987 - Ernest Goes to Camp
1988 - Ernest Saves Christmas
1990 - Ernest Goes to Jail
1991 - Ernest Scared Stupid
1993 - Ernest Rides Again

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Movie Studio

Emshell Producers


Ernest P. Worrell   Jim Varney
Abner Mellon Ron K. James
Dr. Glencliff   Tom Butler
Nan Mellon   Linda Kash
Frank   Duke Ernsberger
Joe   Jeffrey Pillars
Construction Worker 1   Dave 'Squatch' Ward
Construction Worker 2  Dee Jay Jackson
Chancellor   Charles Siegel
Surgeon   Alf Humphreys
Receptionist   Lillian Carlson
Thug 1  Mitch Kosterman
Thug 2   George Joseph
Thug 3   Tony Morelli
Head Man   Alan Robertson
Suits Commander   Russel Roberts
Van Driver   Frank C. Turner
Van Driver's Wife  Denalda Williams
Security Sergeant   J.B. Bivens
Truck Driver   Ernie Jackson
Librarian  Alex Diakun

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