Ernest Scared Stupid

Ernest Scared Stupid

Synopsis of Movie

“Somebody with a runny nose is gonna die.”

Having already applied his bumbling shenanigans to one holiday in 1988’s Ernest Saves Christmas, slapstick neighborhood doofus Ernest P. Worrell set his sights on Halloween in 1991’s Ernest Scared Stupid. Purring singer/actress Eartha Kitt joined in the spooky/goofy shenanigans, as did an army of slimy trolls.

This time around, Ernest is in suburban Missouri, working as a garbage collector. As always, he’s a friend to kids everywhere, so when a group of neighborhood preteens asks for his help building a treehouse, Ernest naturally obliges. But this particular oak tree happens to hold Trantor, a 200-year-old evil troll, and as local crone Old Lady Hackmore warns, the troll will be released if a Worrell puts his hand on the tree the night before Halloween and says, “Trantor, I call thee forth.” Well, stupid is as stupid does...

Once Trantor is released, the mean, mucous-covered munchkin sets out to capture the souls of Ernest’s young pals by turning them into wooden dolls. That’s bad enough, but when Trantor tries to pull his wooden magic on Ernest’s pet dog Rimshot, the little snotface has crossed the line. Ernest is out to kick some troll tushie, and this time, it’s personal.

The Halloween season wasn’t as good to Ernest as Christmas had been three years earlier. Ernest’s “human cartoon” slapstick still brought in fans, but not as many as previous films had. Ernest Scared Stupid was the last Ernest movie made in partnership with Disney subsidiary Touchstone, but director John Cherry and actor Jim Varney plugged ahead without the corporate backing, turning out Ernest Rides Again in 1993 and four more direct-to-video Ernest films over the following five years.

Movie Release History

1987 - Ernest Goes to Camp
1988 - Ernest Saves Christmas
1990 - Ernest Goes to Jail
1991 - Ernest Scared Stupid
1993 - Ernest Rides Again

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Movie Studio

Emshell Producers Group, Touchstone


Ernest P. Worrell  Jim Varney
Old Lady Hackmore   Eartha Kitt
Kenny   Austin Nagler
Elizabeth   Shay Astar
Trantor   Jonas Moscartolo
Tom Tulip   John Cadenhead
Bobby Tulip   Bill Byrge
Matt   Richard Woolf
Mike   Nick Victory
Joey   Alec Klapper
Gregg   Steven Moriyon
Cliff   Daniel Butler
Amanda   Esther Huston
Mayor Murdock   Larry Black
Elizabeth's Mother   Denice Hicks
Crying Woman   Melanie Wheeler
Teacher   Jackie Welch
Jimmy   Mark Delabarre
Joey's Dad   Michael Montgomery
Mother  Mary Jane Harvill
Daughter   Lauren Frankenbach
Parent  Roberta Madison
Another Parent   Barry Scott
Parent #1   Cathy Susan Pyles
Parent #2   Myke R. Mueller
Little Girl   Jessa Fahey
Steve Swindell   Mike Hutchinson
Francis' Mother   Adora Dupree
Ernest's Teacher   Joey Anderson
Child #1   Dennis Harrison Jr.
Child #2   Danielle Harrison
Trantor the Troll (voice)   Ernie Fosselius
Troll Nellie Batson
Troll Angela Chao
Troll Renee Clary
Troll Deidre Clower
Troll Rhonda Clower
Troll Ann Dresen
Troll Misty Eaker
Troll Ralph Green Jr.
Troll Tammy Harrison
Troll Dana Kennedy
Troll Pamela Kippes
Troll Renee Leblanc
Troll Glenn Seer
Troll Tawanya Smith
Troll Todd Suttles
Troll Douglas Zagorski
Parent Judy Austin
Parent Sabrina Birdine
Parent Jodie Evans
Parent Phyllis Fuller
Parent Melissa Gerach
Parent Reginald Glimps
Parent Jeanette Green
Parent Marc Gullen
Parent Will Hammond
Parent Vicki Jacobs
Parent John Phillips
Parent Daniel Sarenana
Parent Gwendolyn Smith
Parent Vanessa Smith
Parent Bobby Storm
Parent Ann Young
Kids Army Daniel Higgs
Kids Army Gregg Higgs
Kids Army Karson Kanitz
Kids Army Marin Miller
Kids Army Luke Robert

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