Escape to Witch Mountain

Escape to Witch Mountain

Synopsis of Movie

Amnesiac orphaned siblings with psychic powers. Geraldo circa 1988? No, but good guess. This was actually Disney circa 1975, an adaptation of Alexander Key’s 1968 sci-fi book, Escape to Witch Mountain.

Young brother and sister Tony and Tia are sent to the orphanage after losing their foster parents. The two have lost all memory of their past, and they seem to be capable of unusual feats—clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc. These supernatural abilities bring them to the attention of power-hungry tycoon Aristotle Bolt, who hopes to use Tony and Tia’s powers for his own ends.

After a scary kidnapping, the kids escape from Bolt’s estate into the woods, where they are taken in by a cantankerous but soft-hearted camper named Jason. With Jason’s help, the kids try to elude capture by Bolt’s men, fleeing to Witch Mountain to unlock the secret of the children’s mysterious past.

A lighter-hearted effort than Key’s original story, the film added the expected Disney comedy to the otherwise dangerous goings-on. Buoyed by fine performances from the two young leads, as well as screen veterans Ray Milland and Eddie Albert, the film was a success for the studio, leading to a 1978 sequel and a made-for-TV remake in 1995.

Movie Release History

1975 - Escape to Witch Mountain
1978 - Return from Witch Mountain

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Jason Eddie Albert
Aristotle Bolt Ray Milland
Lucas Deranian Donald Pleasence
Tia Kim Richards
Tony Ike Eisenmann
Sheriff Purdy Walter Barnes
Mrs. Grindley Reta Shaw
Uncle Bene Denver Pyle
Astrologer Alfred Ryder
Ubermann Lawrence Montaigne
Biff Jenkins Terry Wilson
Grocer George Chandler
Truck Dermott Downs
Guru Shepherd Sanders
Gasoline Attendant Don Brodie

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