Return from Witch Mountain

Return from Witch Mountain

Synopsis of Movie

If you haven’t seen the original Escape to Witch Mountain and plan to, stop reading now.

As the rest of you well know, when we last left youngsters Tia and Tony, we had learned that they were actually aliens with advanced mental powers. Not wanting to pass up a franchise in the making, Disney reunited original cast members Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann for a 1978 sequel, Return from Witch Mountain.

The story picks up with Tony and Tia’s Uncle Bene (Denver Pyle, who played a more famous uncle in TV’s Dukes of Hazzard) taking the kids on a vacation back to earth. Meanwhile, mad genius Dr. Victor Gannon has created a mind control device, which he and accomplice Letha (top-billed Bette Davis) are testing on assistant Sickle. Tony spots Sickle’s plummet from a tall building and uses his powers to save him.

When Gannon gets wind of the boy’s abilities, he and Letha capture Tony and create a device to channel those forces to their own nefarious plans. Tia recruits a gang of young hoods to infiltrate the doctor’s compound and help her wreak some mind-fueled havoc.

Following the first film’s pattern of slapstick humor mixed with effects-filled action, Return from Witch Mountain was a fun follow-up to the original. Alexander Key, author of Escape to Witch Mountain, also wrote a book sequel following the Disney plot.

Movie Release History

1975 - Escape to Witch Mountain
1978 - Return from Witch Mountain

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Letha Bette Davis
Dr. Victor Gannon Christopher Lee
Tia Kim Richards
Tony Ike Eisenmann
Mr. Yokomoto Jack Soo
Sickle Anthony James
Eddie Richard Bakalyan
Mr. Clearcole Ward Costello
Dazzler Christian Juttner
Muscles Brad Savage
Rocky Jeffrey Jacquet
Dolan Stu Gilliam
Operations Officer William H. Bassett
Monitor Tom Scott
Dowager Helene Winston

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