Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Synopsis of Movie

Departing drastically from the Kate Douglas Wiggin story of the same name, this Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm served as a star vehicle for America’s little darling, Shirley Temple. The buoyant ten-year-old was given plenty of opportunities to show her stuff, singing and dancing to a few new tunes and a few old favorites.

The story introduces young Rebecca Winstead as a wannabe radio star. When Uncle Henry decides it’s a hopeless dream, he leaves the girl on her Aunt Miranda’s farm. Auntie is a tougher sort, down on showbiz and determined to end such foolishness in the girl’s mind, but fate has other ideas. As it turns out, Miranda’s next-door neighbor is a talent scout named Anthony Kent, and once he sees and hears Rebecca’s talent, he arranges for a secret audition.

The smart folks at 20th Century Fox took no chances in preparing Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, giving the audience exactly what they wanted. Temple reprised past hits like “On the Good Ship Lollipop,” “When I’m With You” and “Animal Crackers” in medley form, and teamed up with occasional dance partner Bill “Bojangles” Robinson for “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers.” The movie also featured the songs “Alone With You,” “Come and Get Your Happiness,” “Crackly Corn Flakes” and enough other showstoppers to satisfy those who worshipped at the temple of Shirley.

Movie Release History

1938 - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox


Rebecca Winstead Shirley Temple
Anthony Kent Randolph Scott
Orville Smithers Jack Haley
Gwen Warren Gloria Stuart
Lola Lee Phyllis Brooks
Aunt Miranda Wilkins Helen Westley
Homer Busby Slim Summerville
Aloysius Bill Robinson
Purvis Alan Dinehart
Doctor Hill J. Edward Bromberg
Receptionist Dixie Dunbar
Mug Paul Hurst
Henry Kipper William Demarest
Melba Ruth Gillette
Cyrus Hartlett Paul Harvey

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