No Deposit, No Return

No Deposit, No Return

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No Deposit, No Return may have been the only 1970’s comedy filmed in 3D: David Niven, Darren McGavin, and Don Knotts. Maybe it’s actually 4D, because the Disney hand was everywhere evident in this 1976 family comedy. McGavin and Knotts played bumbling safecrackers Duke and Bert, and we defy you to find a review of any Don Knotts film that doesn’t include the word “bumbling.”

The trouble starts when precocious tykes Tracy and Jay are forced to spend an Easter vacation with their grandfather, the decidedly un-fun, but extremely wealthy J.W. Osborne. The kids would much rather spend time with their mother, who's vacationing in Hong Kong, and when they spot Duke and Bert casing their grandfather’s safe, they cook up a plot to get their way.

The moppets convince the safecrackers to hold them for ransom, hoping to get their mother’s attention. The ploy works, but Tracy and Jay discover it’s much more fun to hang out with their new criminal buddies, and soon Bert and Jay have a pair of unwanted henchlings.

No Deposit, No Return was the second Disney comedy for the bug-eyed Knotts and the first for dapper film veteran Niven. Norman Tokar, who would re-team with Niven for the following year’s Candleshoe, directed. The film wasn’t as successful as Knott’s previous Disney laugh-fest, The Apple Dumpling Gang, but it did allow him a few memorable bits, especially a chase scene involving a pet skunk, an unfinished building and a terrified Don Knotts.

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1976 - No Deposit, No Return

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J.W. Osborne David Niven
Duke Darren McGavin
Bert Don Knotts
Sgt. Turner Herschel Bernardi
Carolyn Barbara Feldon
Tracy Kim Richards
Jay Brad Savage
Jameson John Williams
Longnecker Charles Martin Smith
Big Joe Vic Tayback
Peter Bob Hastings
Freddie Louis Guss
Capt. Boland Richard O'Brien
Sgt. Benson Barney Phillips
Miss Murdock Ruth Manning

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