Napoleon and Samantha

Napoleon and Samantha

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Jodie Foster! Michael Douglas! Johnny Whitaker! Back in 1972, Whitaker was probably the biggest draw of the three. Foster was making her big screen debut (Taxi Driver would make her a star in 1976). Douglas had starred in a few modestly successful films, but he was just coming into his own on TV’s Streets of San Francisco. Johnny Whitaker was the face everyone recognized as little red-headed, freckle-faced Jody from the long-running television hit, Family Affair. When that show left primetime in 1971, Whitaker went to work on a series of Disney films, among them Napoleon and Samantha.

Whitaker stars as Napoleon Wilson, an orphaned boy who lives with his Grandpa on an Oregon farm. College student Danny also works on the farm, picking up some summer cash as a goatherd. When a traveling circus comes to town, Napoleon strikes up a friendship with a clown named Dimetri. But the show must go on, and soon the circus is ready to travel back to Europe. Fearing that one of lions won’t make the trip, Dimetri asks Grandpa and Napoleon to care for the aging creature.

The tame beast is a welcome member of the family, but suddenly, Grandpa passes away. To keep himself out of the orphanage, Napoleon convinces Danny to help him bury the body, but soon Danny has to leave as well. Napoleon keeps up the ruse until the local authorities start to get suspicious. Determined not to get caught, the boy takes his lion and his young friend Samantha into the mountains to find Danny.

Johnny Whitaker made four more films for Disney (reuniting with Foster in 1973 for Tom Sawyer) before returning to television in Sid & Marty Krofft’s Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. And we understand Jodie Foster and Michael Douglas made a few more movies as well.

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1972 - Napoleon and Samantha

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Danny Michael Douglas
Grandpa Will Geer
Chief of Police Arch Johnson
Napoleon Wilson Johnny Whitaker
Samantha Jodie Foster
Mr. Gutteridge Henry Jones
Clown Dimetri Vito Scotti
Desk Sergeant John Crawford
Clara Mary Wickes
Gertrude Ellen Corby
Mark Rex Holman
Gary Claude Johnson
Pete John Lupton
Man Monty Margetts
Man John Ortega

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