Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Synopsis of Movie

The sequel to the popular 80's creature feature Gremlins, Gremlins 2: The New Batch was more of a satire than a horror movie, taking shots at pop culture at large and movies in particular, crammed with cameos and sight gags aplenty.

At the end of the last movie, cute little Gizmo the Mogwai was returned to the store he was purchased from after the Gremlins' first reign of terror ended. In the sequel, the elderly store owner dies and his store is razed by the greedy industrialist Daniel Clump. Gizmo escapes, only to be captured by Dr. Catheter, who heads the Splice of Life laboratory in Clump's high-tech office building in Manhattan.

Coincidentally, Gizmo's former owner Billy and his girlfriend Kate also work in that same building, which is owned by the devious Clamp. When Billy realizes that Gizmo is in the clutches of a genetics doctor who wants to dissect him, he rescues the Mogwai from the lab. But before Billy can get Gizmo out of the building, once again Gizmo accidentally spawns the evil, lizardy Gremlins by breaking two of the three Mogwai rules: never get wet, and never ever eat after midnight (the third is to stay out of bright lights, which are extremely harmful to Mogwai and Gremlin alike).

As the Gremlins drink genetic potions from the Splice of Life laboratory, they mutate into new kinds of Gremlin creatures. Some of these include a lusty female Gremlin who wants Clump, a bat Gremlin, a spider-like Gremlin, and an intellectual Gremlin who commentates on all the action (with Tony Randall's voice). Havoc is wreaked once again, but this time in the sleek, sophisticated high-rise, where the Gremlins can cause even more gleeful trouble.

What prevented this movie from being a retread of the original Gremlins were the pop culture and movie references that occurred in almost every frame of the film. Gremlins 2: The New Batch never took itself too seriously as a horror movie, even making fun of itself by spoofing the plot of the original Gremlins. The Gremlins were even more likable this time, often seeming more fun and colorful than the human characters trying to stay out of their way.

Although other small monster movies were made in the wake of Gremlins' success, none of them came close to capturing the cleverness and the exuberance of the originals.

Movie Release History

1984 - Gremlins
1990 - Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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Movie Studio

Warner Bros., Amblin


Billy Peltzer  Zach Galligan
Kate Beringer  Phoebe Cates
Daniel Clamp  John Glover
Grandpa Fred   Robert Prosky
Forster  Robert Picardo
Doctor Catheter  Christopher Lee
Marla Bloodstone  Haviland Morris
Murray Futterman  Dick Miller
Jackie Joseph   Sheila Futterman
Katsuji  Gedde Watanabe
Mr. Wing  Keye Luke
Microwave Marge  Kathleen Freeman
Martin  Don Stanton
Lewis  Dan Stanton
Wally  Shawn Nelson
Forster's Technician  Archie Hahn
Forster's Technician  Leslie Neale
Forster's Technician  Ron Fassler
Forster's Technician Time Winters  
Yogurt Jerk  Heather Haase
Yogurt Jerk  Jason Presson
Yogurt Customer  Lisa Mende
Yogurt Customer  Patrika Darbo
Yogurt Customer   Jerry Goldsmith
Security Guard   Rick Ducommun
Fire Chief  John Capodice
Movie Theatre Mom   Belinda Balaski
Movie Theatre Kid   Nicky Rose
Theatre Manager  Paul Bartel
Projectionist  Kenneth Tobey
TV Reporter  Heidi Kempf
TV Reporter  Eric Shawn
TV Reporter  Michael Salort
Cop   Frank P. Ryan
TV Reporter at Wing's  Diane Sainte-Marie
TV Anchor in Bar   Kristi Witker
Reporter in Lobby  Sarah Lilly
Taxi Driver  Vladimir Bibic
Tour Guide #1   Page Hannah
Tour Guide #2  Liz Pryor
Messenger  Raymond Cruz
Lab Receptionist  Julia Sweeney
Forster's Assistant   Jeff Swanson
Casper  Charles S. Haas
Surveillance Supervisor  Dale Swann
TV Cameraman  Gray Daniels
Clamp's Secretary   Stephanie Menuez
Lady at Elevator  Jacque Lynn Colton
Hallway Employee  May Quigley
Hallway Employee  Anthony Winters
Fireman  Isiah Whitlock Jr.
Swat Team Leader  Dean Norris
Newsstand Lady  Saachiko
Janitor   John Astin
Fired Employee   Henry Gibson
Himself   Leonard Maltin
Hulk Hogan   Himself
Dick Butkus   Himself
Bubba Smith   Himself
Gizmo (voice) Howie Mandel  
Brain Gremlin (voice)  Tony Randall
Mohawk (voice)  Frank Welker
Gremlins (voice)  Kirk Thatcher
Gremlins (voice)  Mark Dodson
Announcer (voice)  Neil Ross
Gizmo (voice)   Howie Mandel
Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck (voice)  Jeff Bergman
'Grandpa Fred' Director  Joe Dante
Special Vocal Effects (voice)  Michael Sheehan

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