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The wacky comedy of Don Knotts, Tim Conway and Tom Bosley. The stature of Emmy winner Edward Asner. The sports journalism experience of Dick Enberg. The talent of NFL Hall of Famers Johnny Unitas and Dick Butkus. All this and a Yugoslavian mule named Gus. Where else but Disney…?

With his beloved football team the Atoms in last place, owner Hank Cooper (Asner) needs a miracle. He gets one in the form of Gus, a Yugoslavian mule who reportedly can kick a soccer ball (and hopefully, a football) over 100 yards. Needing cash to save his franchise, Cooper bets the farm on his team’s making it to the Super Bowl, hoping that the excitable Coach Venner (Knotts) can mold the beast of burden into a kicking machine.

After the initial period of adjustment (and the expected resistance to having a farm animal on a professional football team), Gus puts the Atoms on their way to a championship season. Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with rival team owners, and bumbling crooks Crankcase (Conway) and Spinner (Bosley) are dispatched to kidnap and/or sabotage the all-star mule.

Making the most of its talented cast, Gus delivered on the slapstick silliness. In the film’s most memorable scene, a botched kidnapping by Crankcase and Spinner leads to an anarchic chase through a crowded supermarket. It may not have won the acclaim of its contemporary sports underdog film, Rocky, but Gus made the kids laugh, and that’s more than most Slavic mules ever dream of.

Movie Release History

1976 - Gus

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Hank Cooper Edward Asner
Coach Venner Don Knotts
Andy Petrovic Gary Grimes
Crankcase Tim Conway
Debbie Kovac Liberty Williams
Cal Wilson Dick Van Patten
Joe Barnsdale Ronnie Schell
Pepper Bob Crane
Himself Johnny Unitas
Rob Cargil Dick Butkus
Charles Gwynn Harold Gould
Spinner Tom Bosley
Papa Petrovic Titos Vandis
Mama Petrovic Hanna Hertelendy
Dr. Morgan Liam Dunn

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