Gay Purr-ee

Gay Purr-ee

Synopsis of Movie

Warner Bros. and UPA recruited an all-star voice cast for their 1962 foray into feature animation, Gay Purr-ee. Reuniting Judy Garland with Wizard of Oz songwriters E.Y. “Yip” Harburg and Harold Arlen, the movie also featured the work of Robert Goulet, Red Buttons, Mel Blanc and Paul Frees.

Comely feline Mewsette is unsatisfied with her life in the French countryside, yearning for the excitement of Paris. Mewsette scampers off to the city, where she is catnapped by the criminal Meowrice and prepped for a forced marriage to a fat cat in the USA. Luckily, country cat Jaune-Tom and his comic sidekick Robespierre catch wind of the plot and come to the captured cat’s rescue.

Animation legend Chuck Jones supervised the animation for the film, which he co-wrote with his wife Dorothy and Ralph Wright. Mr. Magoo veteran Abe Levitow handled the direction. Like many of UPA's animated shorts, the film featured Impressionist-influenced backdrops and trippy visuals, especially during Mewsette’s champagne-fueled drunk scene. Unfortunately, the film was less successful than UPA's shorter subjects, and the company retired from the feature business.

Movie Release History

1962 - Gay Purr-ee

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Movie Studio

United Productions of America, Warner Bros.


Mewsette Judy Garland
Jaune-Tom Robert Goulet
Robespierre Red Buttons
Meowrice Paul Frees
Mme. Rubens-Chatte Hermione Gingold
Unknown Morey Amsterdam
Unknown Julie Bennett
Unknown Mel Blanc
Unknown Joan Gardner

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