Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

Synopsis of Lunch Box

In the beginning there was Star Wars. Then came the onslaught of imitators. Battlestar Galactica was network Television's answer to Star Wars, and quickly became an institution in TV science fiction in the late 1970's. In addition to the toy merchandise, Aladdin seized the opportunity to license this metal box with matching plastic thermos. The front and back panels both pictured evil Cylons tearing up the planet (Cylons obviously being the coolest part of the show). On one panel, Noah and his futuristic version of a dog seemed to be running around having a good time with their big Cylon buddy. (Left to the imagination was a possible continuation of this scenario, wherein the Cylon takes advantage of the boy's trust and vaporizes him...)

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Aladdin Industries

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