Long & Silky

Long & Silky

Fashion Synopsis

“Because the only important things you wear are your jeans and your hair.”

Truer words were never spoken in the image-conscious 70’s. In a world of designer jeans, Long & Silky conditioning lotion was designer haircare, made especially for the long-locked lady.

More than a crowning glory, having long, silky hair assured self-confidence and sex appeal. And somehow, jeans looked even better when the silky tips of your coiffure skimmed the back pockets and highlighted the labels.

Hair reached extreme lengths in the early 70’s, and the ultimate goal was to have stick-straight, ultra-shiny hair that swung at least halfway down the back. Curly-haired girls spent hours with the blow dryer and iron in hopes of having the glory of a mane like the Long & Silky girls.

Maybe if Marcia Brady used Long & Silky, she wouldn’t have had to brush her hair one hundred times a night to keep that silky style.

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