Love's Baby Soft

Love's Baby Soft

Fashion Synopsis

“Because innocence is sexier than you think.”

Before Enjoli (but after Tinkerbell), Love’s Baby Soft was the fresh scent of baby powder for the girl with a budding sexuality and a desire to be adored. Although best remembered for this baby-powder-scented perfume spray, Love’s wooed adolescent girls with a variety of cosmetics and scents for all lifestyles.

Being a teenager was tough, and the game of the sexes brutal, but Love’s made it easy. Founded in 1974 by Mem Company Inc., Love’s let girls be girls, guiding them slowly into the age of womanhood. Love’s Baby Soft was the intoxicating pink body spray, just sweet enough to perk up your nose, yet sultry enough to catch his attention.

Love’s offered a complete line of bath and beauty care products, from sensuous scents to lovely, butterfly-shaped compacts. The Love’s line declined in the 90’s but was updated with a sportier edge by Renaissance Perfumes, updated with baby cake, baby doll and baby blossom versions.

You can love hard, or you can love soft. But spritzing on this fresh scent was like dousing yourself in love potion, so be careful…

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