Lemon Up

Lemon Up

Fashion Synopsis

“Make Peace With Grease”

Natural was the catchphrase for 70's body care, and lemon was the spokesmodel. The sour little fruit found its fragrance and juice heralding in a whole line of beauty products named Lemon Up.

The wacky containers with the lemon tops promised the miraculous properties of pure lemon juice in shampoo, facial cleanser and anti-blemish lotion. Lemon lifted grease from limp locks, soaked up oil slicks on the face, lightened mousy brown hair to shimmering blonde highlights, and even helped to fade freckles. A miracle fruit if there ever was one.

Love’s, the cosmetics champion, would complement the lemon craze with a line devoted to Fresh Lemon body sprays and powders. Even Sunkist, the big name in citrus agriculture, advertised the beauty benefits of the perfect fruit as a facial and a dry skin remover.

The fad for lemon and its abilities soured briefly, but would resurface again in another form decades later. The stinging acids of citrus fruit returned in a more gentle, clinically processed alpha-hydroxy acid formula. Guess sticking a lemon on your face wasn’t all that silly after all.

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