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Don’t let the fancy name fool you: LeSportSac wasn’t just for jaunting off to Jazzercise or pumping iron at the gym. LeSportSac made fashionable, super durable bags for all folks on the go.

Founded in 1974, LeSportSac separated itself from other gym bags by using the impossible to tear ‘rip-stop’ nylon material previously used for parachutes. The special construction of rip-stop utilized strong cross-grid fibers, which prohibited the fabric from tearing when it reached the roadblock stop of the grid. This lightweight, waterproof material guaranteed a bag that would stand up to the abuses of a rigorous schedule.

The LeSportSac duffle bag was a favorite style, and came with a miniature duffle bag coin purse. Slinging a LeSportSac under your arm made you feel like a dancer: instead of schoolbooks and a lunch bag stuffed inside, you could pretend it was a pair of toe shoes and legwarmers.

LeSportSac returned to the fashion forefront with the 80’s revival at the turn of the millennium. Now produced in a whole new range of colors and styles, LeSportsac maintained the rip-stop fabric and trademarked logo trim. So go ahead, slip into that leotard, wrap skirt and legwarmers. The LeSportsac is once again the perfect accessory.

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