Hedgehog haircut

Hedgehog haircut

Fashion Synopsis

Never thought the bristle-haired hedgehog was cute? Well, if all hedgehogs looked like the coif of handsome Canadian rock star Corey Hart, you just might change your mind. Corey’s short, spiky hair resembled the bristling tufts on our furry friend, and the unloved hedgehog soon became the hottest look for the 80's. Corey's hairdo influenced young guys to follow suit (as well as imitate the annoying habit of wearing their sunglass at night).

Guys were tired of the center-parted feathered look that had inhabited the first half of the decade, and many just weren’t happy with the long-haired rockers who were taking over. Where could clean-cut, yet spunky go? How about up?

With the help of mousse and gels like Dippity-do or L.A. Looks, it was finally acceptable for average joes to spend time grooming themselves. A little handful of product, a quick run through short, damp hair, and the hedgehog was born. The gel hardened to create a bristly/spiky style that made the girls go nuts.

And whoever said being cute was a bad thing? Look at how much attention the adorable hedgehog gets.

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