Handkerchief hems

Handkerchief hems

Fashion Synopsis

Nothing like floating around the floor, a dozen fluid points streaming out from behind you as you boogied to the bus stop and hustled back to your sweetheart. The handkerchief hem gave you just such a look, featuring the pointed, soft fabric ends that looked as if small handkerchiefs were attached to the body of a garment. A popular style of the 1930’s, the handkerchief hem re-emerged during the retro revival ethnic-influenced 70’s, turning from formal wear to hippie garb.

The handkerchief dress was a dress made entirely out of handkerchiefs, large silk scarves sewn together in an angular, yet fluid style. The wispy, gypsy chic dress was a big hit because of its elegance and bohemian beauty. Anyone with a few large scarves could sew up a homemade version of fairy fantasy.

Handkerchief hems were popular on dresses and fluid fairy frocks, and tops were even made from the stiffer cotton bandanas for a more casual look.

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