Hammer pants / Genie pants

Hammer pants / Genie pants

Fashion Synopsis

“U can’t touch this.”

Hammer time! Popularized by early 90’s rap sensation MC Hammer, the Hammer pant went to the fashion extreme with pegged-legged, baggy trousers. A variation of Aladdin’s genie pants, MC Hammer took the look even farther with a billowing crotch that nearly touched the floor.

The early 80’s trend of slim pants ballooned out through the decade until pants hit their extremes as the 90’s began. Even jeans had pleated waists—the waist got loose and baggy, widening through the leg until it quickly tapered to the ankle.

Hammer’s outrageous dance moves and Vegas-like showstopping outfits of sparkle lamé propelled him and his wardrobe into the spotlight. The affection for Hammer style pants crossed the racial boundaries, and variations of the baggy style were seen on urban street kids and suburban teens alike. But only the most devoted fans or experimental trendsetters touched the Hammer's extreme. Most just weren’t legit enough, so they quit.

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