Shark JAWS

Shark JAWS

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The preferred spelling is little “Shark,” big “JAWS,” and we’ll give you three guesses why. Released in the whitewater wake of Steven Spielberg’s terrifying 1975 blockbuster Jaws, Atari’s Shark JAWS tried to recreate the deep sea horror on a black-and-white video screen.

The game centered around a very foolhardy SCUBA diver who decided to do a little spear fishing in great white shark-infested waters. Using a joystick, you moved the diver around the screen, tying to aim your pointed stick into the scales of a teeny fish. At the same time, a much bigger fish tried to aim his pointed teeth into your hide, hoping to fill his mighty belly. That was it: kill or be killed, all within the game’s time limit (with extra time for a high score).

With its straightforward action and sense of dread, Shark JAWS successful cashed in on the feeding frenzy that its movie inspiration had ushered in. The game also benefited from its animated graphics, the first of its kind. But most importantly, Shark JAWS tapped into the fear of being watched and tailed, of the hunter suddenly becoming the hunted. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

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1975 - Shark JAWS

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