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The jungle was a very dangerous place in Sega/Gremlin’s Safari, filled with hungry beasts who would like nothing more than to devour a human being. Or maybe it was just self-defense, since after all, you were trying to shoot them.

Safari took players on a big game hunt in the jungle, trying to bag the heads and/or hides of four different kinds of animals: snakes, lions, boars and vultures. Two joysticks controlled the hunter—one for movement, the other to aim and shoot his trusty rifle.

The more times you nailed each critter in the 90-second time limit, the higher your score, but the animals weren’t about to make it easy for you. Appearing from behind the trees and other jungle foliage that had been painted on the multi-layered glass, the lions and boars charged, snakes slithered and vultures swooped, each out for your blood. If they hit your great white hunter, he would have to retreat to the safety of his hut, losing precious time during recovery.

The animals got faster as the clock ticked down, and the pounding jungle rhythms and wild sounds in the background helped crank up the tension. If you scored 3,000 points or more, your safari went on for another 30 seconds; if not, the animals lived to bite and gore another day. Or at least until you scrounged up another quarter.

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1977 - Safari

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