Model T Ford

Model T Ford

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When Henry Ford introduced his Ford automobiles in the early 1900’s, he sparked a lengthy, ongoing love affair between the world and the automobile. Within a few decades, the automobile went from being a luxury to a necessity and thus became part of the popular culture. It was inevitable that car-craziness would filter down to children in the form of a toy, and a company called Tootsietoys made this possible. Appropriately, they took their inspiration for their first toy car from Henry Ford.

On October 1, 1908, Henry Ford made automotive history when he issued his first line of Model T Fords. The car was an instant hit, making Ford the top automobile manufacturer and helping him realize his dream of making a “a car for the masses.” Another businessman, one Charles Dowst, took notice of the success of these cars. Dowst was a manufacturer who used die-cast technology, a process that transformed liquid metal into objects by shaping it with a mold. When the Model T Ford became popular, Dowst decided to use it as the model for a series of small die-cast replicas.

Dowst’s die-cast Model T toy cars popularized the idea of die-cast toys. These painstakingly crafted toys had a level of detail that adults and kids alike could appreciate, and their inexpensive price made them a bargain for those who couldn't afford more expensive toys. The toy Model T Fords became a big hit and led to Dowst forming a company called Tootsietoys. This company became one of the leaders in the die-cast toy industry and still manufactures quality die-cast toys today.

Today, the Tootsietoy’s Model T Ford remains a prized item for toy collectors. Its ongoing popularity amongst die-cast car enthusiasts has also led to several other die-cast toy companies making their own Model T Fords, a practice that continues today. After all, if you can’t have a real Model T Ford (and at this point in history, most of us can't), then a die-cast Model T Ford is the next best thing.

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1910 - Dowst's Model T Ford

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