Young Hercules

Young Hercules

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

He may be half-god and half-mortal, but Young Hercules is one hundred percent teenager.

Young Hercules was created by acclaimed filmmakers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Timecop, Hard Target, Army of Darkness), who brought a unique mythological action-adventure ambience to syndicated live-action programming in the 90's.

In 1998, due to the popularity of TV's Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, a feature-length pilot was released about the mythological hero's youth, titled Young Hercules. The pilot was extended into a television series of the same name and appeared in syndication, recounting the youthful misadventures of teen Hercules and his good friends, young Iolaus, young Lilith, and Prince Jason.

Young Hercules was sent by his mother, Alcmene, to the famed Cheiron's academy after a mischievous incident in which Hercules messed around with an urn belonging to his father, Zeus. At the academy, Herc was introduced to Jason, heir to the throne of Corinth. The young prince's father was dying, and Jason was charged with bringing back the magical, healing golden fleece to cure him. Hercules and Iolaus, always up for a good quest, decided to join him. Young Hercules chronicled the continuing adventures of the three heroic teens.

Mimicking the style of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, Young Hercules delivered fantastic acrobatic fights, dark special effects, and plenty of comic relief. Hercules' main objective in most of the episodes was to combat the forces of evil—his vengeful stepmother Hera, queen of the gods; his half-brother Ares, the god of war; Ares' malevolent sister Discord; and Ares' devious nephew Strife. Other recurring characters included sassy young Kora, who owned the inn where the academy cadets hung out in their free time, and feisty Lilith, the academy's only female cadet.

The series was set during the Golden Age of mythology, but the themes of Young Hercules echoed some very pertinent issues affecting young people at the turn of the 21st century. Young Hercules was a noble, headstrong, sometimes misunderstood teenager, struggling to find an identity as a half-god, half-mortal. He was also trying in vain to have a relationship with his estranged father, Zeus, a powerful and imposing figure. He may have had to battle evil gods and dangerous mythological creatures, but every teen has stress to some degree.

By adding the idea of troubled teenhood to the Hercules legend, the producers of Young Hercules made mythology entertaining and interesting for kids who wouldn't know their Achilles' heel from their elbow.

Release History

1998 - 1999 Fox

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Hercules  Ryan Gosling
Iolaus Dean O'Gorman
Jason Chris Conrad
Ares Kevin Smith
Discord  Meighan Desmond
Kora Angela Marie Dotchin
Cheiron Nathaniel Lees
Lilith Jodie Rimmer
Strife Joel Tobeck

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