Your Pet Parade

Your Pet Parade

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Imagine a scaled-down version of the Westminister Dog Show for children, and you've got the idea of Your Pet Parade. Sponsored by Ralston Purina, the show featured three different children each week, each bringing his or her trained pets to be judged by an animal trainer. A year's supply of Ralston Purina's pet food was at stake.

In addition to the competitions, this Sunday afternoon show also focused on pet care, to ensure that the young ones were looking after their pets properly.

Bob Russell and Jack Gregson served successively as the show's hosts, while Billy Barty was featured as Billy Bitesize, the sponsor’s commercial spokesperson.

Release History

3/18/51 - 9/2/51 ABC

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TV Studio

Walter Lantz

Television Cast

Host Bob Russell
Host Jack Gregson
Billy Bitesize Billy Barty

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