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Malibu Comics’ UltraForce had a slightly different premise than many of its comic book competitors. Instead of one guy here getting bit by a radioactive spider, another guy there using his billions to avenge his parents’ deaths, and a handful of others building elaborate gizmos to take over the world, suppose hundreds of people suddenly, unexplainably got super powers all at once? Naturally, some of them would use these powers for evil, and ordinary humans would live in fear.

Like its comic predecessor, the animated UltraForce detailed what happened next. Faced with hundreds of evil “Ultras” and a panicky population, reluctant hero Hardcase banded together his own group of Ultras to fight crime and restore order. Aside from its bright blonde leader, Ultraforce included Prime, Prototype, Topaz, Contrary, and the scary-looking Ghoul. This handful of heroes fought the likes of Rune, Lord Pumpkin, Sludge, and several others, gradually calming down the human populace.

UltraForce debuted in syndication during the second season of the two-hour package Amazin’ Adventures II, but despite its clever premise and techno theme song ("Ultrafooooorce!!"), the show ran for only thirteen original episodes. After one year in syndication, the reruns moved to cable's USA Network for another season.

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1995 syndicated

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