Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

En route from Nebula M78, a police officer was escorting the captured monster Bemura to the Space Graveyard when he collided with an earth space ship piloted by Science Patrol officer Hayata. Out of compassion, the interplanetary cop combined his energy with the fatally wounded Hayata, so that the Science Patrol officer might live. In exchange, Hayata was given the solemn duty of protecting the earth as Ultraman.

Ultraman could fly and shoot Specium beams when his hands were crossed, as well as change shape up to 200 feet high. On his chest was a warning light, which would activate when his energy levels were depleting.

The hero's powers were derived from solar radiation, but because Earth’s atmosphere let in less solar power than that of his native planet, Ultraman could only survive in this form for a few minutes at a time. As the narrator would state, “If the warning light should stop blinking, it would mean that Ultraman would never rise.”

Ultraman was eventually defeated by the monster Zetton, who was in turn defeated by the Science Patrol. Zoffy, Ultraman’s commanding officer, arrived on the scene and separated Ultraman from Hayata. He sent Ultraman home to Nebula M78, giving Hayata only enough energy to survive for a short time. In order for Hayata to live, he would have to rejoin with Ultraman, but the series ended before the situation was ever resolved.

Although Ultraman lasted only 39 episodes, the “Ultra-Series” was extended over seven different shows, including Ultra Seven, Ultra Ace, and Ultraman: Towards the Future.

The man responsible for Ultraman, Eiji Tsuburaya, was a special effects maven who also brought Godzilla to the big screen.

Release History

7/17/66 - 4/9/67
Syndicated: 1966

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TV Studio

Tsuburaya Productions

Television Cast

Ultraman Susumu Kurobe
Hayata Bin Furaya

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