Uncle Croc's Block

Uncle Croc's Block

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Uncle Croc’s Block was a Saturday morning TV show meant to poke fun at Saturday morning TV shows. This half-animated, half live-action kids show starred Charles Nelson Reilly as the host, Uncle Croc.

Uncle Croc was constantly bickering with his assistant, Mr. Rabbit Ears, and the show’s director, Mr. Bitterbottom. He would occasionally stop his mean-spirited banter in order to introduce one of the show’s three cartoon segments.

The first was Fraidy Cat, the story of a terrified feline who had just reached his ninth life. Adding to his constant paranoia were the ghostly incarnations of his previous eight lives, who would appear to try and lure him to the other side.

M*U*S*H, an obvious nod to M*A*S*H, stood for "Mangy Unwanted Shabby Heroes," and starred Bullseye, Trooper Joe, Cold Lips, Major Sideburns, and Colonel Flake as mounted dog policemen stationed at an Arctic-like outpost.

Wacky and Packy chronicled the adventures of Wacky, a Neanderthal man, and Packy, his pet mastodon, as they were time-warped into the 20th century.
Call them the "Not Ready for Saturday Morning Players." Sharp-tongued satire may have been taking off in late night with the fledgling Saturday Night Live, but Uncle Croc's Block had no such luck in its timeslot. Faced with poor ratings, the show was cut from sixty to thirty minutes, then finally dropped from the schedule after less than a full season.

Release History

9/6/75 - 2/14/76 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Uncle Croc Charles Nelson Reilly
Mr. Rabbit Ears Alfie Wise
Basil Bitterbottom Jonathan Harris
Voices Alan Oppenheimer
Voices Lennie Weinrib
Voices Robert Ridgely
Voices Kenneth Mars
Voices Allan Melvin

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