Captain Nice

Captain Nice

Synopsis of TV Show

Created by Buck Henry, who helped spawn Get Smart and Saturday Night Live, Captain Nice was an attempt to follow the campy superheroic lead of TV's Batman. This show starred William Daniels as Carter Nash, a mild-mannered police chemist who lived in Big Town, USA.

But Nash was no ordinary police chemist (not that most of us would know what an ordinary police chemist was like anyway). This shrinking violet had developed a serum he called Super Juice, a glowing liquid that would transform the unassuming scientist into a superpowered man for exactly one hour per day.

It was actually Nash's mother who forced her son into using his talents for crime fighting. She even sewed him a flamboyant costume so he could strut around Big Town like the proud superhero he was. But sorry, Mrs. Nash, Captain Nice was too shy to strut. In fact, his politeness often got him into trouble, since most villains found him a pushover. But eventually, the Captain's kind ways would win them over, and he would triumph in the end.

Despite his unfashionable outfit, the Captain also had a lady admirer, the sweet Sgt. Candy Kane. It looked like, for once, the nice guy wouldn't finish last, but alas, the meanies at NBC cancelled Captain Nice after less than a year.

Release History of Prime Time Show

1/9/67 - 8/28/67 NBC

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TV Cast

Carter Nash/Captain Nice William Daniels
Carter's Mother Alice Ghostley
Sgt. Candy Kane Ann Prentiss
Mayor Finney Liam Dunn
Chief Segal Bill Zuckert
Mr. Nash Byron Foulger

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