California Fever

California Fever

Synopsis of TV Show

This hour-long CBS show, an attempt at catering to the late 70’s youth market, would probably make for a pretty interesting time capsule today. It focused on Vince and Ross, two teenage buddies enjoying the Southern California lifestyle. Vince also ran a pirate radio station, using the home of his buddy Rick as the studio. Ross was a wizard with cars and had his own super-customized oddity of a car, known to one and all as the ‘Grossmobile.’ There was also a female member of the gang, Laurie.

The stories revolved around this quartet of teens as they cruised for fun and encompassed all the major Californian youth fads of the day: roller skating, disco, surfing, car customizing, etc. However, despite all of this and the presence of teen idol Jimmy McNichol as Vince, California Fever didn’t take off. It was canceled after less than three months, ending its run in December of 1979.

Release History of Prime Time Show

9/25/79 - 12/11/79 NBC

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Television Network


Television Studio

Warner Bros. TV

TV Cast

Vince Butler Jimmy McNichol
Ross Whitman Marc McClure
Laurie Newman Michele Tobin
Rick Lorenzo Lamas
Bobby Cosie Costa
Sue Lisa Cori

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