Circus Boy

Circus Boy

Synopsis of TV Show

If you didn't have the guts to run away and join the circus as a kid, Circus Boy was the next best thing. This half-hour mixture of comedy and drama, set at the turn of the 20th century, gave twelvve-year-old orphan Corky a chance to live out every kid's dream. And he didn't even have to run away from home to do it, since the circus actually was his home.

After his parents were killed in a high-wire accident, young Corky was adopted by the circus’ owner, Big Tim Champion. The young lad quickly found a role in the show as water boy to Bimbo, a baby elephant that Corky would come to consider his pet. Riding Bimbo's back, Corky dealt with his adolescent problems, and helped the show's adults—including Joey the Clown, the always-energetic Pete, and Little Tom—keep the circus in the black as the show moved from town to town each week.

The show ran on prime time television for two seasons, first on NBC then on ABC. After its prime-time run, it was rerun on Saturday mornings for several more years. And not too many years later, the young star of the show would drop the stage name of ‘Braddock’ to appear in another show using his real name: Mickey Dolenz, singer/drummer for The Monkees.

Release History of Prime Time Show

9/23/56 - 9/8/57 NBC
9/19/57 - 9/11/58 ABC

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Screen Gems Television

TV Cast

Corky Micky Braddock (Micky Dolenz)
Uncle Joey Noah Beery Jr.
Big Tim Champion Robert Lowery
Pete Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Hank Miller Leo Gordon
Little Tom Billy Barty
Swifty Olin Howlin
Barker Eddie Marr

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