Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days

Synopsis of Movie

A splashy mix of stars and scenery, Around the World in 80 Days was a spectacle in every sense of the word. Based on the Jules Verne novel, the film starred David Niven, Cantinflas, Robert Newton and Shirley MacLaine, but no fewer than 40 stars of stage and screen appeared in surprise cameos as Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout circumnavigated the late-19th-century globe.

In London, punctuality-obsessed Phileas Fogg (Niven) makes a 20,000-pound bet with the fellow members of his gentleman’s club: Fogg will circle the world in 80 days or less, a seemingly impossible feat. The club members think Fogg is a fool, but they have no qualms parting a fool from his money. Together with the reliable and multi-skilled Passepartout (Cantinflas), Fogg sets out on his journey.

The snags begin almost immediately, as Fogg misses a train and has to travel by balloon. The wild journey takes Fogg and Passepartout into a Spanish bullfight, through the jungles of India (where the two take on a third companion, the princess Aouda), to Hong Kong, San Francisco and the Wild West, with dangerous run-ins around every bend. Throughout, the globetrotters are dogged by the mysterious Mr. Fix, who believes Fogg may have secured his 20,000 pounds through less-than-legal means.

At every stop, viewers were treated not only to lush location scenery (shot in 70mm Todd-AO widescreen), but also to one double-take-inducing cameo after another. Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Peter Lorre, George Raft, Red Skelton, Joe E. Brown, Andy Devine, José Greco and dozens more popped up in the least expected places, while Edward R. Murrow himself provided the opening narration.

Even at nearly three hours, both kids and adults sat spellbound as one exotic location after another filled the screen. The Academy was duly impressed as well, awarding the film 5 Oscars, including Best Picture. Verne’s tale was later adapted into a single season Saturday morning cartoon and a handful of TV miniseries, but for most, the definitive version will always be this sweeping, star-studded epic.

Movie Release History

1956 - Around the World in 80 Days

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Movie Studio

Michael Todd Company, United Artists


Phileas Fogg  David Niven
Passepartout Cantinflas
Mr. Fix Robert Newton
Princess Aouda Shirley MacLaine
Whist Partner  Finlay Currie
Ralph Robert Morley
Reform Club Member Ronald Squire
Reform Club Member Basil Sydney
Hesketh-Baggott  Noel Coward
Foster John Gielgud
Fallentin Trevor Howard
Hinshaw  Harcourt Williams
Tourist Martine Carol
Coachman Fernandel
Monsieur Gasse Charles Boyer
Flirt Evelyn Keyes
Dancer  Jose Greco
Bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin
Achmed Abdullah  Gilbert Roland
Henchman Cesar Romero
Consul Alan Mowbray
Sir Francis Gromarty Cedric Hardwicke
Steward Melville Cooper
Police Chief Reginald Denny
Railway Official Ronald Colman
Featured player Robert Cabal
Clerk Charles Coburn
Japanese Steward Peter Lorre
Bouncer George Raft
Drunk Red Skelton
Character Mike Mazurki
Hostess Marlene Dietrich
Col. Proctor Stamp John Carradine
Pianist Frank Sinatra
Conductor Buster Keaton
Commander Tim McCoy
Stationmaster Joe E. Brown
First Mate Andy Devine
Engineer Edmund Lowe
Helmsman Victor McLaglen
Captain Jack Oakie
Revivalist Beatrice Lillie
Carriage Driver John Mills
Companion Glynis Johns
Sporting Lady Hermione Gingold
Narrator Edward R. Murrow
Club Member A.E. Matthews
Featured player Richard Aherne
Featured player Ronald Adam
Featured player Philip Ahn
Featured player Walter Fitzgerald
Featured player Roy Aversa
Featured player Frank Royde
Featured player Frank Baker
Featured player Alex Ball
Featured player John Benson
Featured player Leon Bouvard
Featured player Donald Brown
Featured player Ollie Brown
Featured player Theona Bryant
Featured player J.W. Burr
Featured player Al Cavens
Featured player Fred Cavens
Featured player Hung Choy Shih
Featured player Neil Collins
Featured player Cecil Combs
Featured player Louis Cortina
Featured player Ashley Cowan
Featured player Roy Darmour
Featured player Maria Delgado
Featured player Amapola Del Vando
Featured player Leslie Denison
Featured player Clint Dorrington
Featured player Ed Edmonson
Featured player Carli Elinor
Featured player Duke Fishman
Featured player Frances Fong
Featured player Raoul Freeman
Featured player Tommy Fujiwara
Featured player Joseph Garcio
Featured player Harry Gilette
Featured player Joseph Glick
Featured player Arthur Gould-Porter
Featured player Bernie Gozier (as Bernard Gozier)
Featured player Ralph Grosh
Featured player Chuck Hamilton
Featured player Mahgoub Hanaf
Featured player Doc Harnett
Featured player Chester Hayes
Featured player Tex Holden
Featured player David B. Hughes
Featured player Joanne Jones
Featured player Paul King
Featured player Walter Kingsford
Featured player Ben Knight
Featured player Freddie Letuli
Featured player Weaver Levy
Featured player Richard Loo
Featured player Manuel Lopez
Featured player Joan Lora
Featured player Keye Luke
Featured player Robert McNulty
Engineer  Casey MacGregor
Featured player D. Ellsworth Manning
Featured player Dewey Manning
Featured player Harry Mayo
Featured player Lorion Miller
Featured player Maria Monay
Featured player Jack Mulhall
Featured player Bob Okazaki
Featured player Manuel Paris
Featured player James Porter
Featured player Satini Pualoa
Featured player Amando Rodriguez
Featured player George Russell
Featured player Jim Salisbury
Featured player Bhogwan Singh
Featured player Alvin Slaight
Featured player Fred O. Sommers
Featured player Owen Kyoon Song
Featured player Ward Thompson
Featured player Philip Van Zandt
Featured player Frank Vessels Jr.
Featured player Al Walton
Featured player Dick Wessel
Featured player Robert Whitney
Featured player Kathryn Wilson
Featured player Thomas Quon Woo
Featured player R. Brodie
Featured player Patrick Cargill
Featured player Campbell Cotts
Featured player Felix Felton
Featured player Cameron Hall
Featured player Maria Hanson
Featured player Roddy Hughes
Featured player Frederick Leister
Featured player N. Macowen
Featured player Bill Shine
Featured player Janet Sterke
Featured player Michael Trubshawe
Featured player Richard Wattis
Featured player Sohi Shannon

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