Addams Family Values

Addams Family Values

Synopsis of Movie

“He has my father’s eyes.”
“Gomez, take those out of his mouth.”

The Addams Family gained two new members in this 1993 sequel, neither of whom was an entirely welcome addition. Back for another Gothic go-round were Gomez, Morticia, Fester, Wednesday, Pugsley, Grandma, Lurch and Thing, as well as various Addams cousins and in-laws.

Addams Family Values kicks off with the announcement by Morticia that she’s going to have a baby… “Right now!” The wee mustachioed lad is dubbed Pubert, and is immediately fitted for a pinstriped suit. Morticia and Gomez are beaming parents, but Wednesday and Pugsley are convinced that having a new baby means that one of the older Addams children has to go. Faced with this "kill or be killed" scenario, the murderous tykes naturally opt for the latter.

Little Pubert survives his older siblings’ plots, but Morticia decides the baby should probably have a nanny. The new hired help is buxom blonde Debbie Jellinsky, who immediately sets her sights on the rich, eligible Fester. Wednesday smells a gold-digging rat, but Debbie takes care of her by convincing Gomez and Morticia to send their older children to Camp Chippewa for the summer. With Wednesday and Pugsley out of the way, Debbie is free to woo Fester, and she does so with a vengeance.

Meanwhile, Wedesday and Pugsley aren’t really fitting in at upbeat Camp Chippewa, despite the perky pep talks from counselors Gary and Becky. Wednesday makes an instant enemy in the snobbish Amanda Buckman (the same Girl Scout who tried to sell Wednesday cookies in the first film), but she also strikes up an oddball romance with the nerdy Joel Glicker. Back at the Addams household, Debbie finally wrangles a marriage out of Fester, but Morticia is worried about the nanny’s black widow plans. Things come to a head at Chippewa during an anarchic “First Thanksgiving” pageant, while Gomez and Morticia race to save Fester from Debbie’s murderous clutches.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld returned for the sequel, as did most of the principal cast (with Carol Kane stepping in for Judith Malina as Grandma). Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci and the rest continued their deadpan mastery of their parts, while the addition of Joan Cusack as Debbie cranked the wacky factor up a notch.

While not as successful as the first film, Addams Family Values did well enough that a second, direct-to-video sequel was produced in 1998, Addams Family Reunion. Sadly, by this time, Raul Julia had passed away, and most of the original cast declined to participate in his absence.

Movie Release History

1991 - Addams Family Values
1993 - Addams Family Values

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Movie Studio

Orion, Paramount


Morticia Addams Anjelica Huston
Gomez Addams Raul Julia
Uncle Fester Addams Christopher Lloyd
Debbie Jellinsky Joan Cusack
Wednesday Addams Christina Ricci
Grandma Carol Kane
Pugsley Addams  Jimmy Workman
Pubert Addams Kaitlyn Hooper
Pubert Addams Kristen Hooper
Lurch  Carel Struycken
Joel Glicker David Krumholtz
Thing Christopher Hart
Margaret Addams Dana Ivey
Gary Granger Peter MacNicol
Becky Martin-Granger Christine Baranski
Amanda Buckman Mercedes McNab
Don Buckman Sam McMurray
Ellen Buckman Harriet Sansom Harris
Mrs. Glicker Julie Halston
Mr. Glicker Barry Sonnenfeld
Desk Sergeant Nathan Lane
Cousin Itt John Franklin
Cousin Aphasia  Charles Busch
Cousin Ophelia Laura Esterman
Flora Amor  Maureen Sue Levin
Fauna Amor  Darlene Levin
Dementia Carol Hankins
Donald Steven M. Martin
Dexter  Douglas Brian Martin
Lumpy Addams  Ryan Holihan
Delivery Nurse Lois De Banzie
Forceps Nurse Vickilyn Reynolds
Heather Cynthia Nixon
Mrs. Montgomery Eyde Byrde
Delivery Room Doctor David Hyde Pierce
Obnoxious Girl Andreana Weiner
Host Peter Graves
Lawyer Rick Scarry
Flirting Woman Monet Mazur
Flirting Man Francis Coady
Driver Ian Abercrombie
Moving Man Chris Ellis
Concetta   Camille Saviola
Passport Clerk  Zack Phifer
Jorge Tony Shalhoub
Irwin   Jeffrey Van Hoose
Mordecai   Micah Winkelspecht
Wheelchair Camper  Matthew Beebe
Consuela Kristy Shirvani
Escher Jamie Gordon
Yang Micah Hata
Jamal Joey Wilcots
Camper #1  Jason Fife
Camper #2 Karl David-Djerf
Young Debbie Haley Peel
Pubert (voice) Cheryl Chase

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