Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget

Synopsis of Movie

“Don’t you know bad robots have more fun?”

He’s bumbling, he’s semi-competent at best, but he’s got “gizmos up the wazoo” and a heart of gold. He’s Inspector Gadget, bionic star of his own long-running 80’s cartoon series. In 1999, the trenchcoat-wearing robocop got his own live-action feature film, with Matthew Broderick in the title role and Rupert Everett as arch-nemesis Claw (“One word…like Madonna”).

At the start of the feature-length Inspector Gadget, the future Gadget is ordinary human John Brown, a mild-mannered security guard. When Brown stumbles onto a robbery-in-progress at the lab of Dr. Artemus Bradford, the robber—billionaire industrialist Sanford Scolex—nearly kills the guard in an explosion. Bradford had been working on a way to fuse the human body with electronic gizmos, and Scolex wants the technology for his own nefarious purposes. Bradford’s daughter, Dr. Brenda Bradford, patches Brown back together according to her father’s plans, turning the guard into the well-equipped Inspector Gadget, complete with extendable limbs, springs in the soles of his feet, helicopter blades inside his head, and many more useful (and some less-than-useful) gizmos.

Police Chief Quimby doesn’t care for this robotic addition to his force, so Gadget is shuffled off to low-stress jobs like freeing kittens from trees. However, back at Scolex’s HQ, the evil tycoon (now known as “Claw” after a freak bowling ball accident forced him to replace one hand with a robotic clamp) is plotting to build an entire army of robo-soldiers with Bradford’s technology. First off the line is RoboGadget, an evil doppelganger with even more firepower than the original. When RoboGadget unleashes a reign of terror on the helpless city, it’s time for a bionic showdown.

The live-action Inspector Gadget didn’t neglect cartoon co-stars Penny (Gadget’s niece) and Brain (her dog), but their roles were minimized, allowing Gadget himself to play the hero for once. The film also gave the klutzy crimefighter a love interest in the pretty Brenda Bradford. Another new addition was the hip-hop talking Gadgetmobile, which had a sassy mind of its own.

Some fans of the original may have complained about the changes, but that didn’t keep the kids out of the theaters. The film’s breakneck speed and eye-popping special effects made Inspector Gadget a fun ride for young audiences, and they responded by making it a surprise summer hit. You go-go, Gadget.

Movie Release History

1997 - Inspector Gadget

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Movie Studio

Disney, Caravan, DIC


Inspector Gadget/John Brown  Matthew Broderick
RoboGadget Matthew Broderick
Claw/Sanford Scolex  Rupert Everett
Brenda Bradford   Joely Fisher
Penny   Michelle Trachtenberg
Kramer   Andy Dick
Mayor Wilson   Cheri Oteri
Sikes   Michael G. Hagerty
Chief Quimby   Dabney Coleman
Gadgetmobile (voice)  D.L. Hughley
Artemus Bradford   Rene Auberjonois
Thelma   Frances Bay
Bus driver   Cliff Emmich
Young Girl Jennifer Ingersoll
Young Girl Haley Harper
Young Girl Vichany Sam
Young Girl Ivory Dilley
Young Girl Brielle Blount
Young Girl Hailey Peitzman
Boy on Bike   Brian Tibbetts
Robotic Foot Dancer   Bob Gaynor
Doctor   Richard Penn
Mayor's Assistant   J.P. Manoux
Officer McMurphy   Sam Brown
Officer Johnson  Brad Blaisdell
Hospital Secretary   Sonya Eddy
Nurse  Katsy Chappell
Nurse  Kathleen M. Darcy
Guru   Brian George
Businessman  Alexander Witt
Hot Dog Vendor   E.J. Callahan
Assistant Car Thief   Chad Parker
Photographer   Frank Masi
News Anchor   Mary Chris Wall
Showgirl   Linda Cevallos
Showgirl   Lora-Lyn Peterson
Zaftig Woman   Amy Derrick
Little Man   William Smith
Bartender   Jim Thiel
Bartender   Jeff Thiel
Party Guest David Page
Party Guest Jacob Avnet
Party Guest Dorothy David
Party Guest Huch Hackstedt
Matthew Murray  . Autograph Kid
Mark Leahy (I)  . Father of Kid
Rick LaFond  . News Reporter
Tadao Tomomatsu  . Japanese Tourist
Adrienne Wehr  . Waitress on Bridge
Richard Rauh  . Man with Toupee
RoboBrenda Aerobics Group Will Blount
RoboBrenda Aerobics Group Josh Kuhn
RoboBrenda Aerobics Group Kyle Ross Collinsworth
RoboBrenda Aerobics Group Jesse Yoshimura
RoboBrenda Aerobics Group Michael Fossatt
Jaws Richard Kiel
Mr. T Himself
OddJob  Richard Lee-Sung
Tattoo   Bobby Bell
Tonto   Hank Barrera
Igor   Keith Morrison
Peter Lorre   Bob Bell
Number One Son   John Kim
Aaron Meyerson   Himself
Brain (voice) Don Adams
Puppeteer Chris Cowan
Puppeteer Dave Covarrubias
Puppeteer John Dawe
Puppeteer Glenn Derry
Puppeteer Beth A. Hathaway
Puppeteer Richard Haugen
Puppeteer Matt Heimlich
Puppeteer Clinton Lynch
Puppeteer Shane Mahan
Puppeteer Jason Matthews
Puppeteer Mark McCreery
Puppeteer Kevin McTurk
Puppeteer Brian Namanny
Puppeteer Douglas Paul Romer
Puppeteer Alan Scott
Puppeteer Kirk Skodis
Puppeteer Alfred Sousa
Puppeteer Andy Weder
Cop  Alexander Folk

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